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The fish inside the filter

Suddenlly I heard strange sound coming from the fish tsnk in the other room! When I went there I saw the fish ( it is one fish in a round tank) under or inside the filtter !!!! I quick;ly inpluged the fillter and hlped the fish to swim litter farther than the filter. It went down the tank and layed on its side for few secounds but then it swam good bit slower than it usually dose, (It is almost like Nemo in Finding Nemo movie when Nemo tries to free all the fish from ther tank and to the sea) It is the firs time is see a fish behaves like this in real life. 

Should I be worried about it? 

Image icon After the accident 1.84 MB


In my childhood, I recall the occassional guppy swimming [unharmed] in the HOB after sucked into it via an unsafe intake tube... so I know what a danger an filter inlet can be to a fish of small enough size.

To get into solving your issues, we (I) first need to know a few details about the specifics of the arrangement in question:

How big is the tank?

How big is the fish?

What model filter is being used with it? Does it have a foam sponge over it's inlet? And is it's flow-rate adjustable?

Judging from your included picture, I'm guessing you keep this fish in a rather small bowl--Don't get me started on the ethics of that!--with a filter that cannot scavenge water from the bottom due to the bowl's shape. All this puts not only the safety but the healthiness of the arrangement to the fish at risk. Respond immediately so we can quickly resolve this situation.


It died.

 The fish was small size. ( it is was sutible for the tank size)  It was fine for months ( almost a year or more) it always swims all around the tank. Thank you for your concern