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I was wondering

Hi, how are you all? 

I was wondreng what kind of fish  may live pacefully with Orange Parrot fish, other than cat fish? 

Thankn you for the help. 


Anything of equal or lesser agression, or of a size that won't easily fit into their mouth. Angelfish and Silver Dollars are a good choice, along with Guppies and Danios... but not Neon Tetras. (<-That's their favorite treat!)

In-fact, avoid any Tetra-related species... They tend to nip at the fins of other non-Tetra species, especially long/dangly fins like those found on Angelfish. And believe me: They will nip an Angelfish's fins until they are nothing but nubs, leaving it appearing like nothing-more than a swimming arrowhead. (You won't believe how many times I've seen this result from error by careless superstore employees)     

I have 3 sunset thick lipped gourami sharing a tank with mine. For some reason he is OK with them, but NOT my neon dwarf gourami. He chases them and nudges them out of the way for food, but no real life threatening acts of aggression. They have lots of plants to hide in when he gets in a bad mood.

When I initially re-entered this hobby--after a very-long absence--one of the species we chose for the first tank my friend & I setup was a Blue-Flame Gourami. (Her choice)

Sadly, within a month or so of setup, the Gourami fell ill... And despite my best efforts to--at the time--to remedy it, it died. During my research as to it's ailment, I learned of a condition known as "Gourami Disease", special condition that afflicts only Gouramis. I find this rather strange as Gouramis are a species of Cichlid, as so are most other forms of popular Tropical fresh-water fish--including it's closest relative (Angelfish)--yet no-other even comes close to suffering anything like it.

I wish you well with the keeping of these odd little flashes of color. And I--Wait... You're Nibbles' keeper! Well, this certainly answers one question I have for you. Please... Tell us more about your aquatic community in yur other post.

And good-luck!

Thank you all for informaion and the help


Here are the generic names of the fish I keep mine with. If you need the scientific, I can do some research and post them also.

-Electric Blue Acara

-Chocolate Cichlid

-Red Stripe Eartheater


-Cory Catfish


Each Parrot Cichlid has his/her own personality and level of aggression. With completely open mouths the most they can do is push around tankmates in disputes, they cannot actually bite. Therefore avoid putting them with more aggresssive SA cichlids such as firemouths, severums, salvini, green terror...

I always have an extra tank set up also so if there is a compatabilty issue I can seperate the fish. Hope this helps!