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my male died and my female is lonely

I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to fish. I was given a pair of red parrots and fell in love with them. They spent their lives together and now the male has passed away :( I've never added any fish to their yank and have heard some horror stories. What i do know is that my female is being skittish and looking lonely and i need to get her a friend or give her to someone that has room for another. Any advice on adding anything new for her?


Try adding a small parrot cichlid, give him/her lots of hiding places, and see how that goes.



These are old pictures but they will help you see - very young parrot cichlids can fit in better sometimes with older ones than dropping in one that is the same size. 

These are pictures of "Micro", a baby Parrot cichlid we bought and dropped into the tank with some bigger ones. He was very scared for about 2 days, and hid behind the filter, then he came out and never hid again. I guess he didn't see any violence in the tank, and decided it was OK. He grew up and changed color, and he fit right in with the others. They never attacked him, and he was just part of their little society.


This is a picture of Baby and "Winston" - our misnamed large female parrot cichlid. Winston had laid eggs for like the 11th time and of course none of them hatched. She appeared to get very depressed. She turned white and stayed in her Kleenex box house all the time for several weeks. We purchased Baby at the size you see here, hoping she would be "adopted" by Winston. It totally worked! Winston came out of her house, and started swimming around with Baby! She regained her color pretty fast too.