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Hey Guys Whats up? I don't Know if any of you guys remember me, but its me Jelliott haha. I just felt like coming back on here to see what was going on with the Site and stuff. I also have gotten a new BP recently its pretty tiny only about 3 inches but it gets along great with my other two adult BP's. The last time i was on here was like 3 Years ago when i was like 14 Haha now im 17 obviously, but i just wanted to like keep and update and stuff with you guys as well as whats going on with my old friends like Chrisplosion, Broncomaniac, NeikoMaster and many more! ITs nice to be on here again and yeah, lemme know whats up :P!


Also, Im now getting into reptiles a bit, i had snakes and Geckos but im also getting a Chameleon so if anyone on here Cares about that thats another thing :P

I'm also very familiar with reptiles in general and have owned multiple geckos, a couple snakes and have managed to keep a couple of salamanders, I'm also familiar with chameleons so.... Yeah... You can ask me stuff if you want to know anything...smiley that you are "all grown up"! LOL Hey, let us see a picture of the little guy! And I really would love to hear what it's like to raise a chameleon. We had a friend that raised a monitor lizard he'd put it on the coffee table when friends would come over and it would stay so still they thought it was a statue. Then it would move! They are pretty messy, though. Yuck.