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Is it worth it?

I have 3 KK's in a 20 gal tank. I know I have to upgrade so I went to the fish store to check some tanks out. I found a 75 gal tank with the stand and a filter. It costs $500.Is it worth it?? Please reply quickly the tank was on sale and was $600 originally!


If money isnt an issue then it might be worth it. Or for $500 you may want to check craigslists and get a better deal. A lot of craigslist listings will include the tank, stand, and much more.

Thanks a lot! I will check it and will se if there are any other prices

Also, we are tring to add another species of fish. I am thinking of getting an oscar. Do you think it will be a good idea cause i researched bout me and I found out that they were more of an aggressive fish. But, my cousin has a fish tank and had 5 BP and 1 oscar. The fish seem to be fine but will it change with my tank?? And also, would it be suitable to buy 2 oscars with 3 KK?

Oscars would be a really chancy thing with a BP. Remember that oscars are aggressive, get very big and have BIG mouths. I would not try it myself.

Yeah but I see a lot of youtube videos with oscars and kk/BP with it...

Ive seen youtube videos of piranhas living with other non-predator fish too. Its a risk if you want to mix blood parrots with aggressive fish.