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3's a Crowd

I've noticed several posts about BP's who are stressed or being bullied. Very often it's mentioned that there are 3 BP's in the tank. 3 is often the worst number of animals to be kept together because 2 usually buddy up and the 3rd becomes odd man out. Best to have 2 or several instead. 2 works well because if it's a male and a female they might pair up; if it's 2 boys or 2 girls there's no competition for a mate. A large group cuts way down on conflict because rarely is 1 fish/animal singled out and harassed; there's interaction amongst all of them. Obviously it takes a way bigger tank to house a bunch of fish so for most people having 2 would probably be the best way to go. Make life simple for yourself and the BP's, try to select 2 fish that are staying close to one another in the dealer's aquarium before you bring them home. That way there's a really good chance the fish already like each other. If you notice 2 where one is being 'protected' by another who is driving off the other fish, it's probably a mated pair even if they're young! You have to be able to identify individual fish even though they all look the same and watch them for a while. A good dealer can help pick out 'pals'.


For me, I had the one, and she was really super shy, so I got a second one to try and get her to be more social. While she wasn't buddies with the second parrot, and they had their occasional little disagreements, they weren't extremely aggressive toward each other. So, I thought maybe I needed a third parrot  to kind of bridge the gap. Got the third parrot, and now she has become besties with the first parrot, still leaving the second parrot out in the cold. And now they've both ganged up, big time. The second has been basically reduced to living in hiding. Would it be a good idea to get another tank, and perhaps try finding a tank mate for that one? Or is there anything else I can do?