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Mating Photos

OK, here is the latest spawning of Dory & Cory. #1 Shows Dory in the foreground swollen with eggs. #2 Shows Dory's ovipositior ready for egg laying. #3 Shows Dory laying her eggs with Cory waiting to fertilize them, which hasn't done any good so far. This is their 3rd spawning and as yet no fertile eggs. Fascinating to watch but I'm beginning to feel sorry for them, especially Dory as she keeps looking for her babies . . .

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I had a female, named Winston (didn't know she was a girl till later!) who laid eggs every few months. Finally, one time, she laid eggs then seemed to get depressed. She wouldn't come out of her house much, turned almost white, and just sat there. After several weeks of this, I went out and got a little parrot cichlid. Shortly after "Baby" was dropped in the tank, Winston and Baby were going around the tank together. It was an amazing transformation! Here they are, swimming in front of Winston's "house".